AMOS Stövchen



Do you like to take some time for a pot of tee or a cup of coffee?
Then you might want to use a warmer, except you like things lukewarm.
Ours is working really well actually, your tea, coffee or soup will stay quite hot up there.
Another characteristic is, that you can put cups as well as pots on it.

The finely sanded birch plywood is sealed with an ecological wood oil from OSMO.
Its enormously stable, and between the wooden profiles sit three massive rods of brass (Messing) or aluminum (Aluminium).
They are pressed in with power, and hold without glue.
Its easy to clean and should serve you well for a lifetime.

Please note that alle of our wooden products come with differences in grain.
We also can´t suspend smaller mistakes, knotholes or similar spots.
On all our products we grant 10 Years Warranty.
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  • The candle sits absolutely safe in a hutch, so there is no danger of burning the wood.
  • Compared to warmers made out of metall, this one is not getting too hot. It can be carried around with a burning candle.
  • Small cups tend to stand a little unstable, so just push them a bit to the outside.
    Pots with a lid can hold the heat for hours!
  • Just use normal tealights (4h)!
    Otherwise you´ll end up with smut on your pots.
  • Spots from tee or coffe can easily be rubbed of with a wet rag.
Weight 500 g
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 5 cm

Messing / Natur, Aluminium / Weiß geölt