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Maintenance Tips for Wooden Products

To take care of scratches, spots or dirt, you can normally sand down a wooden object, and seal it afterwards wth a good wood oil. We use the "Hartöl Nr. 126 - AURO" a natural, robust oil that with 1-3 layers, protects things very well.

Just rub it in with a piece of textile, let it sit for 5-10 minutes, and then take of the rest. Each layer should be drying for atleast 24 hours. The smell and the "taste" of the oil will disappear within a couple of days. Things that get in contact with water alot, like spoons & cuttingboards, deserve a new layer every 6 to 24 months.

If not exposed to permanent moistness, wood is actually pretty hygienic. Studys have actually shown that Oak, Pine & Larch are suppressing the growth of common bacteria. (Schönwälder 1999).

Wood is a breathing material, that can handle frequent moistness quite good actually. Objects that are well sealed can be cleaned with a sponge and dish-liquid, or with a wet rag. Just make sure to put it in a proper place afterwards, where it can dry out completely.

Please dont put anything wooden in there! The heat and moistness of the cleaning process can damage overall stability, surface and glued joints.


The conditions of warranty we´ve also written down in our Terms . To be sure about it you can download them, though they are in german language. The accountability for "defects of no fault" will be, in case of a termination of the company Amos Holzprodukte , transferred to the owner
Johan Katzenberger .